Privacy Policy


PCRS is committed to protecting your privacy and this Privacy Notice explains how information about you is used and how your personal data is protected.

Data protection changed on 25 May 2018. Existing data protection laws – as set out under the Data Protection Act 1998 – was replaced by General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Personal data is the information held about you.

What information does PCRS collect?
As a service provider PCRS collects, uses, manages and stores personal data of people and businesses purchasing an IT service such as a repair, helpdesk support, contractual support or supply of refurbished or new equipment. Personal data can be any information that identifies and relates to a living person. This can include information that, when put together with other information, can then identify a person. For example, this could be your name and contact details.

The information PCRS collects from you to provide services are your name, address, telephone numbers, email address, equipment type.


Why your personal information is stored?
• To comply with HMCR regulations providing proof of income and expenditure in the provision of accurate accounts
• From time to time your personal data (contact details) may be used to provide you with information that PCRS believes will be in your interest.
Such as:
o Notice of recent public scams and how to avoid them.
o Technological changes (software or hardware) that may affect your specific equipment or system.

• PCRS is committed to ensuring that the information collected is appropriate for this purpose, and is not an invasion of your privacy

What is done with the data collected?
• The data isstored to use and manage so that services can be delivered to you. Specifically:
o notice when a repair is completed;
o navigational purposes for delivery;
o on site callouts;
o provide a contractual repairs and maintenance service;
o provide IT support services;
o engage with customers to get feedback on PCRS services;
o provide remote assistance;
o notify special offers of new or refurbished equipment.

PCRS will do its best to keep your data accurate and up to date, and not keep it for longer than is necessary. You can ask us about how long your data is kept and why it is needed when asked for.

PCRS promises to you
The issue of your privacy is taken extremely seriously. PCRS undertakes to:
• respect your personal data and keep it secure on your behalf
• allow you to access the data held about you
• let you know how your data is used
• keep your data accurate andup to date by amending your records when contacted by you or by asking you, from time to time, if the information held on you is still up to date

The law gives you a number of rights to control what personal data is used by PCRS and how it is used by PCRS.
You have the right to:
• be informed about what PCRS does with your data. This privacy notice (which may be updated from time to time) is the principal way PCRS does this
• access the data PCRS holds about you
• object to PCRS processing your data
• tell PCRS to correct your data where it is inaccurate and to ask to stop processing your data until it has been corrected. If you think the data held on you is not accurate then please let PCRS know
• ask PCRS to erase your data. This will only be done if there are no longer any contractual obligations to you or unless there are compelling reasons to retain your data and PCRS promises to explain these to you

Who does PCRS share your information with?
Other than the HMRC to comply with regulations PCRS does not share your data with any other party