Everything we do is on a 'No Fix, No Fee' basis. If your computer can't be fixed, you don't have to pay a penny!

We offer a range of services, covering a variety of computer issues. If there is a problem, it's more than likely that we can fix it. Everything PC Repair Southend does is guaranteed for a year!

- Hardware Installation
- Software Installation
- Internet problems and connectivity
- Virus Removal
- MS Office Issues (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook)
- Printing difficulties
- Computer crashing issues such as ' preparing automatic repair ' loop
- Part repairs and/or replacement
- File backups
- File recovery
- Control settings


Drop off and Collect
If you can drop your computer to PC Repair Southend in Leigh, the basic fee for repair starts from £48.  A full reinstallation of the Windows Operating System is £75.

Just bring the tower or laptop.  Chargers, mice, keyboard and monitors are not needed.

Most jobs are covered by this.  If yours is not, we will let you know why, and how much extra it will be before starting.

If you want a job doing particularly fast (if you need to fast track) then there may be an extra charge, we  will discuss that with you.

The basic rate to visit you is £65.  Most jobs are covered by this.  However, if it's going to be a time-consuming job, your machine may be removed to the workshop.


If we have to reinstall your operating system or programs such as Microsoft Office, you need the product code or Microsoft account credentials.  If you don't, then a new software license may have to be purchased before the software can be activated.

The supply of parts or software will be charged at cost price + shipping.

If these don't seem the best rates around then we would suggest there's a reason.  Many cheap 'experts' are not as expert as they think they are.

We also offer customised support packages. Please contact us if you'd be interested in having PC Repair Southend maintain your computer or laptop on a regular basis.